We did it! (A belated celebration.)

No lie. It was a LOT of work. But it was SO worth it.

The Naked Puppet Exhibit happened. At the National Puppetry Festival, we filled a room with puppets in varying states of doneness. The magic of the room was that you could touch everything. EVERYTHING.2015-08-12 10.23.26

This was my fantasy. And it really happened.

Lots of people called it the “puppet playroom,” and in a big way it was. Home to many conversations, perusing through Fettig’s books AND Ellen Rixford’s new book, “Figures in the Fourth Dimension.” (It’s an amazingly beautiful book by the way!)

The real heroes of this exhibit were the individual builders who actually donated or loaned a puppet to be part of the exhibit. Their generosity was humbling for me, and I am ever thankful! We will be featuring updates and focusing on many of their works in the coming months.

In setting up the exhibit, we used p2015-08-12 10.23.27-1aper marked with one-inch squares for all the display tables to allow everyone to take photos that would accurately reflect the scale. (This was Bart Roccoberton’s idea, by the way. Brilliant idea!) We were also able to write notes on the paper about each piece including the source of the design and the maker who constructed it.

Gregory Ballora’s hand attachment was a big hit in its functional simplicity. 2015-08-15 17.26.48And there were many items on display from UCONN students, too. Universal joints, blinking eyes, and so much more!

This project has been a labor of love, it’s true, but I will be doing my best to update it once a month, to grow the gallery incrementally, prepare for our next exhibit, and keep in touch with e-newsletters. If you are really moved by what you see, you can contact me (Heidi Rugg) and maybe we can figure out a way to share the work load.

Stay in touch!

Heidi Rugg





The Naked Puppets Art Coming!

Just four weeks from now and the Naked Puppet Exhibit will go LIVE at The National Puppetry Festival.  I am so excited by everyone who is contributing their time and energy to make this happen. What began as a passing idea at The National Puppetry Conference in 2013 is going to happen!naked puppet

We’ll have lots of pictures up to share, and I’ll be getting the gallery organized in the coming weeks. I’ll also have an eye on the mailbox as a few members of The Fettig Project are sending me works prior to the festival. (Insert SQUEAL of glee here!)

If you have an idea for something you would like to see, let me know. I hope to see you in August!